23 April 2020

Hearing aid acousticians and manufacturers guarantee hearing aid fitting and supply

Comprehensive measures to protect health of customers and staff

(Frankfurt, 23 April 2020) Your hearing aid acoustician will be there for you! In a joint effort with hearing aid manufacturers, hearing aid acousticians make sure that people with impaired hearing will receive professionally fitted hearing systems – even in difficult conditions during the coronavirus pandemic. Good hearing is vital for communication and social participation. This is why Germany' federal government has classified hearing aid acousticians – just like doctors and dispensing chemists – as a profession with indispensable importance to the system.

EUHA Briefbogen NEUTwelve BVHI Logopercent of German citizens consider their hearing impaired, 5.8 million adults in Germany suffer from hearing impairments that make their lives difficult. Every day, hearing aid acousticians and companies in the hearing aid industry ensure that those affected may take part in social life without limitations.

Many hearing aid acousticians keep their shops open. Different measures have been put in place to protect the health of customers and staff, which is of prime importance:

  • Fixed appointments are the best way to maintain the guidelines on distance and hygiene to protect customers and employees.
  • Flexible opening hours guarantee fitting and supply while reducing waiting times.
  • Due to additional service offers such as consultation by phone or online, people can get wide-ranging advice on hearing aids from any location.
  • Other communication channels such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter guarantee up-to-date and transparent information.

All this minimises unnecessary contacts and the dangers of infection, while ensuring that hearing systems and accessories can be fitted and supplied all over Germany.

Beate Gromke, President of the European Union of Hearing Aid Acousticians, clearly states: "You may rely on the hygiene and protective measures implemented by your hearing aid acoustician. So don't delay necessary repairs or having a hearing system fitted! We hearing aid acousticians are there for you – even in these challenging times! As professionals in the healthcare sector and experts for hearing healthcare we strictly adhere to the hygiene and protective rules prescribed by the relevant federal states. We ask you to be patient if some of the limitations continue to apply although the lockdown has slightly been lifted. These regulations are in place to protect our customers and staff."

Dr Stefan Zimmer, Chairman of the Board of the German Hearing Aid Industry Association (BVHI), adds: "At the moment, people must communicate using the telephone or mobile devices. Conference calls while working from home or when talking to members of your family show how important good speech intelligibility is, no matter how old you are. Children and young people also have to rely on good hearing for home schooling and when discussing topics with class mates."

Hearing aid acousticians, including their opening hours, as well as further helpful information can be found by accessing www.ihr-hörgerät.de.


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