3 December 2018

EUHA TV: New lectures now online

Vortrag18en(EUHA/Mainz, 3 December 2018) The specialist lectures of the 63rd International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians are now available on EUHA TV at www.euha.tv. EUHA TV was established in 2016 with a view to offering information that may be used at home as well as to delve deeper into individual topics after the Congress.

EUHA President Beate Gromke recommends to use EUHA TV for personal further training: "Being able to listen to the lectures held at the 63rd International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians, regardless of time and place, is an ideal basis for personal training and further education. The slides of the presentations are displayed, important parts can be repeated and, depending on the time available, one or more lectures can be accessed. EUHA TV is a tool that is flexible enough to be integrated into hearing aid acousticians' everyday lives."

Original-language versions of the lectures are available from www.euha.tv. Access is free of charge for EUHA members and holders of season tickets for the 2018 EUHA Congress. Online access may be booked via the www.euha.org or www.euha.tv websites. For non-EUHA members, a fee of 99.00 euros will be charged (online access expires: 30 Sept 2019). Video recordings of the opening ceremony are available free of charge to everyone.





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