23 November 2017

Congress again, already?

EUHA TV(EUHA/Mainz, 23. November 2017) Four weeks after the 62nd International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians, EUHA TV presents original-language video recordings of the lectures held at the event!

All those who attended the Congress can take their time to view the presentations and update their knowledge. Members of the trade who were not able to make it to Nürnberg, have a chance to keep up to scratch by watching EUHA TV.

The portal is divided into an area where videos are available against a fee, and a free of charge area. This makes it possible for everyone to watch some of the nineteen lectures give at the Congress. An order form for requesting the login details is available at www.euha.tv. Special conditions apply for EUHA member and holders of a season ticket.

In the videos, slides to go with the lectures provide a visual supplement. Users of EUHA TV may watch the presentations several times. The author search feature makes it easy the find particular lectures.

Some of the items, e.g. the keynote address or the two award ceremonies (research award and sponsorship award) as well as the ceremony for Marianne Frickel, the recipient of the EUHA's Golden Badge of Honour, can be watched free of charge. Martin Blecker, president of the European Union of Hearing Aid Acousticians, commented on EUHA TV: "The EUHA's core mission is to offer further education and advanced vocational training. I suppose that this new medium is a good way of meeting our task, giving everyone a chance to learn about the latest advances in our line of business."

Further information is available at: www.euha.tv



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