EUHA donates hearing protectors for 2,500 carnival aficionados

The European Union of Hearing Aid Acousticians makes sure that the ears of more than 2,500 carnival aficionados will be protected during the Mainz carnival season. On 30 January 2017, at 11:11 a.m., EUHA managing director, Patrizia Lawall, handed over twenty boxes containing poisonous green hearing protectors to the Mainz carnival club Eiskalte Brüder Gonsenheim 1893 eV. The colourful earplugs will be distributed among carnival enthusiasts during the carnival procession on Shrove Monday, accompanied by thundering shouts of "Helau", the local carnival greeting.

"We find it very important that people can celebrate while their hearing is protected. The 'fifth season', as it is called, carnival is something special here in Mainz. The EUHA, as the specialist organisation of hearing aid acousticians, is based in Mainz and wishes to make a statement for good hearing. We would be delighted if all carnival enthusiasts were to use hearing protection," is the message from Patrizia Lawall.

It would be ideal if carnival fans were to follow the example set by the EUHA, making use of earplugs when heading off with their hoots, cap and bells, and fancy dress. Helau!

EUHA stiftet Gehörschutz - Foto: EUHA/PicturePeopleEUHA stiftet Gehörschutz - Foto: EUHA/PicturePeople

EUHA managing director, Patrizia Lawall handing over 2,500 pairs of earplugs to "head altar boy" Andreas Schmitt representing the Mainz carnival club Eiskalte Brüder Gonsenheim 1893 eV


Bildquelle: EUHA/PicturePeople

Relief for Little Ears

Peru: Junge kann wieder hören - © Copyrights CBM / HDL

The German Lions Club of Wiesmoor in East Friesland launched the "Hilfe für kleine Ohren" (Relief for Little Ears) project more than twenty years ago. In 2009, the Lions Relief Organisation (HDL) adopted the successful project and extended it to run on a national scale, commissioning the Lions Club of Kelkheim with its operating implementation. A committee comprising nine members is tasked with collecting, sorting, storing, and distributing hearing aids, a duty that is extremely time-consuming. Hearing aids are shipped to overseas relief organisations, hospitals, orphanages, and schools for the deaf and hearing impaired, with hearing impaired children from poor families being the main beneficiaries.

To find suitable local partners, the committee has drawn up a questionnaire in collaboration with the EUHA, who also reviews the answers. The distribution of hearing aids starts as soon as the EUHA has given the go-ahead. Routine reports guarantee that quality standards concerning the supply are adhered to, and that aftercare has a lasting effect.

More than 29,000 hearing aids were shipped to partner organisations between 2010 and Juli 2018, quite an impressive number and testimony to the success of the project.

Bolivien: Screening - © Copyrights CBM / HDL

The team disseminates information on its activities on a regular basis issuing a newsletter published in German and English and sent to donors and beneficiaries in the whole world. Articles on the project have been published in professional journals. Public relations tools also include participation in the EUHA Congress where the project regularly meets with broad acclaim from hearing aid professionals, and where new contacts are made.

In 2014, a hearing lab was launched in Sri Lanka based on a collaboration between the Lions Club of Anuradhapura, the Lions Club of Kelkheim, the HDL Lions Relief Organisation, and the Lions Clubs International Headquarters in the United States. To guarantee efficiency, four hearing aid acousticians from Germany have been dispatched to the lab for a specified period of time.

Further objectives of the Relief for Little Ears team include:

  • cooperating with hearing aid manufacturers and distributers as well as with hearing aid acousticians in order to receive as many high power hearing aids as possible
  • campaigning for support from Lions Clubs throughout the world
  • canvassing for new and reliable overseas partners
  • intensifying collaboration with existing partners to learn more about their requirements
  • refining coverage and improving the team's working processes
Dr. Peter Ottiger

4 September 2018

© Hilfe für kleine Ohren, Lions Club Kelkheim

RfLE Partner organisations

List of the RfLE Partner organisations

Country Name of the organisation
Bolivien ANET
Bolivien Cochabamba "Human Right"
Bolivien Hospital Arco Iris, La Paz
Bolivien Centro Altiora Cochabamba
Botswana Bamalete Lutheran Hospital, Ramotswa
Cambodia All Ears Cambodia
Guatemala Fundacion Sonrisas que Escuchan - cedaf
Libanon Yamout Hearing Center, Sarl- Beirut
Malawi ABC Hearing Clinic and Training Centre
Mexiko Salud Auditiva
Peru Cajamarca Asociacion Dorotea
Peru CPAL - Centro Peruano de Audición Lenguaje y Aprendizaje
Sri Lanka Anuradhapura Minikrankenhaus / Hörzentrum Anuradhapura
Ukraine / Weißrussland Tschernobyl Hilfe
Vietnam CED - Center for Research and Education of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Zambia Beit Cure Hospital Lusaka


For more information about the project please check the following link:

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