International issues

AudiologyNOW! is one of the world's largest gathering of audiologists. This annual meeting provides participants the opportunity to attend four days of educational sessions, explore the latest in hearing technology, and network with colleagues from around the world. The 28th convention of the American Academy of Audiology, AudiologyNOW!, was held in Phoenix, Arizona, from 13 to 16 April. The meeting also provided an opportunity for scientists to present their posters. Dr Hendrik Husstedt from the German Institute of Hearing Aids (Deutsches Hörgeräte Institut) presented his poster on a "Practicability study of a setup for the evaluation of wireless remote microphone technology".

Poster on a "Practicability study of a setup for the evaluation of wireless remote microphone technology"

The AEA is an association lobbying the interests of hearing aid professionals in Europe and allowed to provide advice during the EU's legislative process. AEA is the abbreviation for Association Européenne des Audioprothésistes.

AEA/AEA_EFHOH Paper on Personal Sound Amplification Products 12_15

AEA/EFHOH Paper on Personal Sound Amplification Products_2016_01_06

BIAP is the abbreviation for Bureau International d'Audiophonologie, i.e. International Bureau of Audiophonology. This scientific organisation was founded by European specialist associations under Belgian law in 1967. The BIAP's aim is for specialists from different fields to provide recommendations.