2014 EUHA Sponsorship Award

In 2014, the EUHA Sponsorship Award was given to young acousticians for the fifth time. Calling the exceptional papers "a credit to our trade", Eva Keil-Becker presented the certificates.

The awardees:

Preisträger 2014Karin Busse from Oldenburg University came third. For her master's thesis, she researched the relationship between cognitive and fine-motor skills and speech intelligibility. As a trained hearing aid acoustician, she studied acoustics at Lübeck University of Applied Sciences, writing a bachelor's thesis on "Optimierung und praktische Erprobung eines Hörgeräte-Trainingsalgorithmus" (Optimisation and practical testing of a hearing aid training algorithm).

Jörn Klages and Marius Beuchert also studied at Lübeck University of Applied Sciences. They were awarded second prize for their joint paper entitled "Speech audiometry: International practice and relation to the pure-tone audiogram".

The first prize went to Maren Wellnitz, who studied at Lübeck University of Applied Sciences. She dealt with the investigation of new measurement signals for determining the maximum output sound pressure level in hearing aids using percentile analysis.


EUHA Foerderpreis 2014 Beuchert/KlagesSpeech Audiometry: International Practice and Relation to the Pure-Tone Audiogram

Marius Beuchert, Jörn Klages


EUHA Foerderpreis 2014 BusseZusammenhang zwischen kognitiven und feinmotorischen Fähigkeiten und Sprachverstehen im Störgeräusch

Karin Elisabeth Busse

(available in German only)


EUHA Foerderpreis 2014 WellnitzUntersuchung neuer Messsignale zur Bestimmung des maximalen Ausgangsschalldruckpegels im Hörgerät mittels der Perzentilanalyse

Maren Wellnitz

(available in German only)