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The 65th International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians is scheduled to be held in Hanover between 7 and 9 October 2020. Please submit your suggestions until 31 March 2020 here.

We are excited to find out about your topics, ideas, and suggestions! Please have a look at our Call for papers:

Call for papers 2020


Terms and Conditions of the Europäische Union der Hörakustiker e.V. (European Union of Hearing Aid Acousticians)

By submitting your suggestion for a contribution, you irrevocably consent to the following agreement between you (hereinafter referred to as the "SPEAKER") and the Europäische Union der Hörakustiker e.V. (European Union of Hearing Aid Acousticians, hereinafter referred to as the "ORGANISER").


Conference programme

As soon as the suggestion for a presentation has been accepted by the ORGANISER's scientific advisory committee, the ORGANISER will schedule the lectures for the conference programme. The SPEAKER will receive a letter of confirmation. The conference programme will be published on the ORGANISER's website, app, and in the Congress brochure as well as in professional journals. The conference programme is subject to changes; the ORGANISER reserves the right to altogether cancel the event (even at short notice).



Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the SPEAKER will personally present his/her contribution according to the lecture schedule specified in the programme. Should the SPEAKER be unavailable, he/she will send a qualified substitute and bear any costs incurred.

The conference will be held in German and English. Simultaneous translation of all presentations will be provided. The SPEAKER will submit his/her presentation to the ORGANISER two weeks before the start of the Congress so as to allow sufficient time for the interpreters to prepare for the event.

The SPEAKER will plan his/her arrival so that he/she arrives at the venue in time for the start of his/her presentation, allowing at least two hours leeway. The presentation should be handed over to the technician who will carry out a test run.

The SPEAKER shall ensure that professional content is the focus of his/her presentation in line with the paper submitted. The SPEAKER shall prepare his/her presentation based on the presentation template provided by the ORGANISER. The presentation will neither be of promotional nature nor will it contain advertising statements. The SPEAKER shall not disparage the ORGANISER in any way whatsoever.

The SPEAKER shall confirm that the planned subject has not been presented by him/her to hearing aid acousticians in the proposed format.


Audiovisual equipment

The ORGANISER will provide the following audiovisual (AV) equipment: 

  • LCD projector and screen
  • PC laptop computer with VGA, HDMI, Mac connectors (EUHA Technical Seminars and Regional Conferences)
  • PC laptop computer for PowerPoint presentations as part of the presentation management system (EUHA Congress)
  • speaker's podium
  • timer
  • electronic pointer
  • ALD transmitter
  • DI Box (allows sounds embedded or linked in your presentation to be played over main speaker system)
  • floor microphone in audience
  • headset

We recommend testing your equipment in good time to avoid programme delays.


Use and exploitation rights

The SPEAKER will ensure that all materials (texts, slides, diagrams, illustrations, photos, etc.) submitted and/or presented by him/her are free of third-party copyrights. Otherwise, the SPEAKER assures that he/she has been authorised to use and publish such documents and content by the respective rights holder(s). If third-party rights of a presentation or exploitation exist contrary to this agreement, the SPEAKER shall immediately notify the ORGANISER.

In case of acceptance of the contribution, the SPEAKER expressly agrees to the following use and exploitation by the ORGANISER, irrevocably and without limitation granting the ORGANSIER the right to use and exploitation on an indefinite and permanent basis:

  • The submitted contribution (in short or long version as well as the accompanying presentation) and information about the SPEAKER (curriculum vitae, photo) may be passed on as part of the electronic (USB sticks or for download) and/or printed subscriber documents.
  • Excerpts from these materials may be used for the purposes of conference marketing, e.g. for information about the programme on, posters, PR measures, social media campaigns, mailings, etc.
  • In addition, these materials may be published by the ORGANISER on the internet, in conference proceedings, or in other suitable media.
  • The SPEAKER consents to the contents of his/her presentation being published in a German professional journal, and will support the ORGANISER in preparing the relevant professional article. The EUHA's style guidelines for papers apply, cf. The SPEAKER grants the EUHA the right of first publication.
  • The SPEAKER agrees to be filmed or photographed. In particular, he/she agrees to his/her presentation being recorded by the ORGANISER or on its behalf in word and picture. He will not raise any objection to a publication (live or at a later date), and will not make any claims in this connection to the ORGANISER or its contractor, cf.
  • The SPEAKER entitles the ORGANISER to make the resulting image and sound material accessible to third parties (also against a fee), and to promote the conference and/or future conference dates using this image and sound material. The same applies to the portrait picture submitted by the SPEAKER as part of his/her registration for the conference.

These regulations also apply to translations into German and/or English, which may be made by the ORGANISER (in parts or for all parts of the materials). Rights of use and exploitation are granted irrevocably and without limitation on an indefinite and permanent basis.



The SPEAKER expressly agrees that all submitted documents, as well as the personal data and pictures submitted by him/her, may be used:

  • for the purposes of conference organisation and be stored in any EDP systems of the ORGANISER for such purposes
  • for the purpose of reviewing by the members of the scientific advisory committee
  • for the purpose of conference marketing


Copyright notice

The ORGANISER is obligated to appropriately identify the author as the originator of the work.


Exemption from liability

Contents of the offer

Liability claims against the ORGANISER that refer to damages of material or immaterial nature, effected by the use or non-use of the information offered, or by the use of erroneous or incomplete information, are categorically excluded unless any proven deliberate or gross negligence exists on the part of the ORGANISER.

Referrals and links

For direct or indirect links to external websites ("hyperlinks"), which are not the responsibility of the ORGANISER, liability may only be applied if the ORGANISER knew about the content and it was technically possible and feasible for the ORGANISER to prevent its use in the case of illegal content. The ORGANISER expressly declares that at the time of implementing the links there was no illegal content recognisable on the pages linked to. The ORGANISER has no influence on the current and future design, the content, or the copyright of the linked pages. Therefore, the ORGANISER explicitly dissociates itself from all changes concerning the contents of linked pages that were effected after the link was implemented. This also applies to all set links and references within the website as well as for external entries in the visitor’s books, discussion forums, and mailing lists, and in any other form of databases where the content may be written by external writing access, which were set up by the ORGANISER. For illegal, erroneous, or incomplete content, and especially for damages which arise due to the use or non-use of such information offered, only the provider of the page which was linked to, not the party who merely provides the links to the respective publication, is liable. 


Final provisions

Should individual provisions of this agreement be, or become, invalid in whole or in part, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions or the agreement as a whole. The invalid provision shall be substituted by a valid provision that most closely matches the business result as intended by the two parties.

This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. The legal venue for all disputes arising under this agreement shall be the ORGANISER's place of business (currently Mainz).