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63rd International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians

17 to 19 October 2018, Deutsche Messe Hannover, Convention Center


Dear Sir or Madam,

Digitisation is the buzzword for the future of hearing. Others just talk about digitisation, while hearing aid acousticians are familiar with it, e.g. when fitting hearing systems. The 63rd International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians will be dealing with topics such as artificial intelligence, new sensor technologies, and the coupling of hearing systems with GPS. Today's most advanced hearing systems can do more than compensate for age-related hearing loss. In the near future, blood pressure and blood sugar measurements or triggering an emergency call in the event of a fall will all be possible thanks to hearing systems. Now and in the future, hearing aid acousticians are experts, reliable partners, and advisers when it comes to fitting this technology. We should like to ask for your support in educating people about hearing because there are a lot of people who are unaware of the fact that their hearing is impaired and that they can improve their quality of life by using a hearing system.

You are cordially invited to learn more about the acoustician's trade, and discover the latest developments for better hearing presented at the accompanying exhibition.

The programme flyer includes this year's conference programme. We should like to ask you to hand on any new findings to those living with impaired hearing and relying on technological and specialist support in order to be able to improve their hearing and to regain joie de vivre.

Even before the official opening ceremony, we will give you a chance to take part in the special programme for media representatives on 17 October 2018.

We look forward to meeting you.

Kind regards,

Blecker Autogramm 

Martin Blecker
President of the European Union of Hearing Aid Acousticians

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