2016: 61st International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians


Report on the 61st International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians held in Hannover

Visitor record and hearing highlights in Hannover

FachaustellungBetween 19 and 21 October 2016, more than 8,000 representatives of the hearing aid profession were gathering for the 61st International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians held in Hannover. This means that a new visitor record was set exceeding 8,000! Delegates from 88 countries attended the event. Just short of eighty representatives of the media from this country and abroad were covering the convention. There were 134 exhibitor stands in the accompanying trade exhibition, showcasing pioneering hearing aid technology, accessories, measurement equipment as well as hearing protection.


Among the big issues of the trade fair was connectivity. Hearing systems are connectable to smartphones, TV sets, microphones, iPads, and a whole lot more. Not getting left behind, that’s what counts – as far as modern life and technology are concerned, but also on a personal level. This fact was mirrored in the 27 lectures and six workshops, dealing with topics such as hearing systems and cognition, hearing effort, the latest results of tinnitus research, innovative power management approaches, and other issues.

Congress opening ceremony

Gregor WidholmIn his interactive keynote lecture "Can I trust my ears?", em. Univ.-Prof. Mag. Gregor Widholm of the Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts presented a number of auditory phenomena, going on to explain some peculiarities of auditory functions and cerebral processing of neuronal patterns. As it were, Widholm shared some facts about the "mystery of hearing".

EUHA Sponsorship Award

This year, the EUHA Sponsorship Award for special achievements of young hearing aid acousticians was presented for the seventh time. In her laudatory speech, Eva Keil-Becker referred to the award-winners as "bridge builders", those who bridge the gap between science and practical application.


1st prize: Analysis of a measurement procedure for evaluating wireless remote microphone systems
Julia Steinhauer B.A.

2nd prize: Analysis of the influence of level differences in the speech material used for the Freiburg monosyllabic word test
Franziska Scharata B.A.

3rd prize: Validation of the SNR using the OlSa sentence test with three different volumes and two classes of hearing aids
Björn Kathage B.A.

Golden badge of honour

SteinlInge Steinl, former managing director of the Association for the Promotion of Good Hearing and of the Association of the Hearing Aid Industry, was awarded the EUHA's golden badge of honour. Over the course of several decades, she organised the Congress in cooperation with Sigrid Weissgerber, the former EUHA managing director. Inge Steinl was awarded the badge in recognition of her enormous dedication to her work for the hearing aid profession.


bihaThe Federal Guild of Hearing Aid Acousticians (biha) and the Association for the Promotion of Good Hearing (FGH) celebrate their 50th anniversaries this year.

Both organisations were founded in 1966. Fifty years of collective work for the good cause of hearing and our line of business means writing hearing aid history together, supporting one another, and sharing synergies. It was against this backdrop that EUHA president Martin Blecker congratulated on the occasion of the anniversaries, wishing the Federal Guild of Hearing Aid Acousticians and the Association for the Promotion of Good Hearing good luck in all their future activities.

Research award

FDAHThe Research Association of German Hearing Aid Acousticians (FDHA) foundation, represented by Prof. Dr. Karin Schorn, awarded this year's research award to professor Tilman Brusis in recognition of his merits for further education in the field of hearing aid fitting for ENT doctors. Prof. Schorn also stressed his commitment to providing optimum medical care to people with impaired hearing.

Media event: Guided tour of the exhibition


Seventy-nine representatives of the media from Germany and abroad attended the Congress to gather information on hearing issues. The special programme on Wednesday included a guided tour of the exhibition where subjects such as rechargeable battery systems, telecare, connectivity, vocational training and the hearing aid acoustician's job profile were presented.

Christoph M. Ohrt, the German actor, also profits from new connectivity options. His creed is: "Good hearing just feels good!" Making some very personal statements about his hearing biography, he demonstrated his use of hearing systems.


ShowroomThirteen product highlights were featured in the showroom. Room 14 was turned into a small-scale trade exhibition showcasing technological innovations on 100 square metres. The Academy of Hearing Aid Acoustics presented wireless remote microphone systems and Dr Haubold introduced a special hearing box that can analyse earphone loudness.


Bildquelle: EUHA/Foto Rechtnitz